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Title: Hey all I know I'm behind.... Anyone got time to learn how to add recipes.....
Post by: Oldman on April 17, 2006, 08:33:28 pm
I know I'm really getting behind with keeping up with members recipes. I still have a whole page from the recipe contest to place into the correct categories.  Not to mention a ton of non-smokin" recipes.  Plus this does not include the next version of the recipe download...  There are times when I wish I had never heard the word Raytheon... j/k~~!

If there is someone out here who would like to learn how to add and code the recipes for the recipe site I could use the help.  Now understand that if you have never seen the back end of a board that there is a lot more to it then just posting.  Plus one mistake and well .... let's just not go there.  I have toll free calling and it would take a few hours on the phone over a few days before you could take this on your own.

It is not hard, but you have to be on spot when you do something. Please understand this would be a real commitment.  I know most here are good folks and would like to help, but if you don't have the time for the commitment please don't raise your hand.  Thanks!