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Title: Smoked Cod Roe
Post by: manxman on May 18, 2006, 03:11:53 am

Has anyone here on the forum ever smoked any cod roe? It is popular on this side of the pond and quite a few commercial smokehouses produce it.

I have to (shamefully) admit I purchased some on a recent visit to England (Suffolk), I cannot get any fresh cod roe to smoke where I live, and it was excellent. No artificial added ingredients, just cod roe, salt and oak smoke.

Also visited two commercial smokehouses which is always interesting and I would recommend both to anyone who happens to be in this area on their travels:

To those across the pond, some may have heard of USAF/RAF Mildenhall, a major American base in Europe. These smokehouses are about 70 miles from this airbase.