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Title: Auber digital probe question
Post by: Cybereyes on November 11, 2013, 12:55:42 PM
Hey guys, newbie smoker here. I have a couple of questions after my first semi successful smoke. I smoked two Cornish hens and the end result was amazing, but did have a couple of issues along the way. It took me a bit to figure out how to program the damn thing, but I think I got it for the most part, although I haven't tried to program the smoke generator yet.

It appears the smoke generator is on by default, does it have a timer ? Mine turned off in the middle of a smoke and the only way to get it back on was to restart the probe and program it again. I programmed two steps, the first step was set to warm up the smoker and I set it for 240 degrees with an ending value for 1 hour. The second step was also set for 240 degrees but with the ending value for an internal temp of 165 for the chicken. The smoke generator turned off at some point during the smoke and I had to turn off the probe and back on again and reprogram it to get it to come back on. I haven't ventured into the program features to actually program the smoke generator yet, but wondered if it came on for 1 cycle by default or just timed out after a while.

Secondly, at first every time I picked up the probe to program it, it would turn off. It appears the power plugs are not fitting tight enough in the back to keep it from coming unplugged enough to lose power. Once it even turned off while sitting there in the middle of a cycle. I looked outside to check on it and it wasn't even on. After that I got scared and kept a very close eye on it. Is this normal?
Title: Re: Auber digital probe question
Post by: GusRobin on November 11, 2013, 06:10:59 PM
The default setting is for the SG to run on the first cycle.
Here is a post on how to program the PID. (

No it is not normal for it to shut off. My suggestion is to unplug and re-plug the cords and make sure they are snug. If it keeps happening, then I would give Auber a call. They are very helpful.
Title: Re: Auber digital probe question
Post by: Cybereyes on November 13, 2013, 12:51:55 PM
Thanks a lot, that should help. I plan on smoking some salmon soon so I will get some practice programming the smoke generator