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Title: Fresh smoked mozzarella from Joe's Dairy in New York City
Post by: pwabrahams on January 30, 2017, 01:04:04 PM
I bought this smoker and the cold-smoking attachment with a specific use in mind: recreating the marvelous smoked mozzarella that I used to be able to get at Joe's Dairy on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, New York City.  That cheese was marvelous beyond belief, but after many years the business has been closed.  So far I haven't tried to make my own mozzarella cheese, but instead I'll be using store-bought fresh mozzarella.  But if that isn't good enough, I may yet try to make my own mozzarella.

Is there anyone here who has tasted that cheese?  It was even written up in an article in the Villager magazine.  I'll attach a picture of the store when I can get image attachments to work.