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Title: Frustrated So Far
Post by: scubadaddy on April 22, 2017, 01:24:25 pm
Hey all, need to vent. 

Bought a 4 rack digital smoker from Lowes and was so happy.  Smoked some jerky and almonds during my first week of owning it and they tasted great.  During a round of haddock, I cam out to find the common 'flashing E' and a bowl full of swollen and unused biscuits.   I tried the common troubleshooting but the error would not go away.   A knowledgeable employee from Cabela's advised it is a common issue, so I went to Lowes and it was easily exchanged it for a new one. 

I un-boxed the new smoker and got ready to season it so I can get back to creating tasty meats.   I carried it out to my back porch and plugged it in, smiling.  Then the screen flickered.   Then it flickered again. And again..and again.   The smoker couldn't even turn on.     Back to Lowes I go, on a Saturday.. :o    After dealing with four people and standing around for over an hour I finally get the faulty smoker exchanged for another one.   

Taking a deep breath and going outside to un-box another one, hopefully the third time is a charm  :-\
Title: Re: Frustrated So Far
Post by: KohalaTom on April 22, 2017, 09:02:23 pm
Welcome to the club of frustrated Bradley Digital Smoker Users.  With enough time, patience, and phone calls to Customer Service; you can potentially experience the sheer delight of having this technology wonder box produce heat & smoke!  Other forum shills will tell you that most customers have zero problems.  Don’t believe the shills.  Like me, You may become an honorary member of the “Bradley Field Service Crew.”  Good luck and don’t forget to ask for your Bradley Field Service T-shirt!     :(
Title: Re: Frustrated So Far
Post by: Hamlet 77 on April 28, 2017, 04:52:21 am
In defence of the trouble free crew, I've had my 4 rack digital smoker a couple of months now and not a problem has been had, including spending the entire Easter weekend both hot and cold smoking, both meat and fish. I read the forum regularly and sometimes wonder if I have bought the right equipment, then I smoke a batch of chicken breasts and realise I am doing the right thing.