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Title: Troubleshooting?
Post by: jkblade on June 28, 2020, 12:39:59 AM
I've been piddling off and on trying to get my smoker working again and I've replaced several pieces in it, the controller being the latest, but I still can't get the element to heat up. Is there a list posted somewhere of the test procedure for each component in the smoker? I emailed Bradley a week ago but there's been no response other than an automatic reply. Thanks!
Title: Re: Troubleshooting?
Post by: Habanero Smoker on June 28, 2020, 03:00:52 AM
Hi jkblade;

Welcome to the forum.

Bradley must be down to a skeleton crew. I've been waiting almost two weeks for a reply to my emails.

There is no troubleshooting guide like the one you are looking for, that I'm aware of. If you provide more information to us, such as what has been replaced, is the generator working properly with no error codes, etc. We may be able to help you troubleshoot.

There could be a few reasons why the heating element is not working. First make sure the power cord that goes between the oven and the generator is firmly connected at both ends. In addition if you have a computer power cord, use that to plug the oven directly into a wall socket. If the element works, then the problem may be with in the generator, or the sensor cord or short power cord.

If the element still doesn't work, it could be the element itself, or wiring. If you recently replaced the element, you may have pulled it out too far before disconnecting the wires. If so you may have disconnected the wires at the power source. To check if those wires get disconnected you will have to remove the back panel. If you have a multimeter you can test the resistance of the element. You will need to disconnect both of the wires on the ends of the element, before testing. You should get an OHM reading between 27 - 32 ohms.

If you have a good element, then the other problem could be the fusible link. To get to that you will need to take the back off the oven. You can use your multimeter to test the continuity to determine if the fuse is bad.