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Don't get me going!  ??? ;D ;D First I have to say I'm suffering from "Coronacosis" (a social condition cause by social isolation for too long of a period due to the pandemic).

For some reason both came in with the top badly dented in. I'm not talking about dings, but serious dents. The first one the carton was seriously damage on the sides, but there was no damage on the sides of the smoker. No apparent damage on the top of the carton, when I got the carton off  three corners, not the center; were dented in. All the electronics seemed to worked - Bradley sent me a replacement. There was a slight miscommunication. They were suppose to ship out the replacement Bradley as soon as FedEx verified the picked up the smoker from my house, but they didn't ship it until it reached there warehouse in Indiana.

The second one arrived last Friday. No damage at all to the carton, and this carton had additional packaging, and the hand grips on the sides of the carton were reinforced. I got the top off and there was a severe dent in one corner; just over the keypad. All the electronics seem to work properly. I did not want to go through an other return and get another damaged smoker. After looking at the smoker, I realized that the top can be taken off by removing six screws. So I emailed them and I ask if they could send me a replacement top. They agreed to that. So I have a replacement top coming, and they are throwing in a couple of boxes of bisquettes for my trouble. The smoker is fully functional, so I can use it while waiting for the top to arrive. In both shipments there was no carton damage in the area the smoker was damaged. I feel the damage is happening when the smoker is being packaged in the carton at the factory.

I know I was one of the biggest critics about all the delays they had in releasing this smoker, but my initial impression is that this smoker is well thought out. I usually wait until a product has been on the market for a while, but like I mentioned earlier; I'm suffering from "Coronacosis", and the 10% discount hooked me in. I feel the main target for this smoker is commercial kitchens and restaurants. The convivence of storying recipes is a work in progress, at least I'm hoping they will improve that app. Also, I missed it in reading the spec, but smoker weigh about 75 pounds. Initial trials with an empty cabinet, indicates about a 5 - 10 degree overshoot of the temperature, but it zero's in and stays mostly from 3 - 5 within the set temperature. Some of that variation in temperature could have been cause by the sun shining directly on the smoker.

My area is going through a weird period of weather - thunderstorms and/or showers almost everyday, so I don't know when I will get a chance to fully give it a try. I'm hoping to smoke some chicken thigh tomorrow.
Very interesting reading the comments about the P10 Habs and looking forward to more posts about it, also sorry to hear the first two were damaged presumably in transit?

Are you getting another one sent out?
I now see what you mean about the cooktool not being able to read a menu.txt. Today I did two quick tests, one for seasoning the smoker and the other for an ABT recipe (with empty smoker). Both recipes had two steps, with no probes involved. Both recipes performed both steps, before shutting down. When the weather gets better, which is looking like Wednesday, I'll do a short smoke/cook, maybe chicken thighs, and use one of the probes.

As for the reason your bisquette may have dropped into the water unburnt. The bisquette burner does not heat until you turn on the smoke cycle. So during preheating, you need to turn on the smoke cycle, and don't load the bisquettes until you load your food.
Hi Stbiven;

Welcome to the forum. Searching will provide you with a lot of information.

I'm assuming you had food in the smoker when you took these readings. The most common cause of such a wide variance of temperature is where your probes are placed. If you have the probes in-between racks or too close to the meat, those probes will read lower than the actual cabinet temperature. The next time you want to compare, place one of the Thermapros near the Bradley temp sensor, and see how those two compare with each other.
I have to say the CookTool is close to being useless, and not working as it was intended.

You should be able to know what you download to the P10, because what is listed in the "Recipe Sequence" list, is what should have been downloaded onto the UBS. And each time you download to the P10, you are not adding to existing recipes that are already stored in the P10, but completely overwriting the existing file.

I'm able to edit existing files with the CookTool, but it doesn't seem to save them correctly to the stick. Like the file I sent you; was for a simple pork loin smoke/cook. It only carried out the first step of three. If you had open it up with the CookTool, you would have seen the three steps, and the first step was a preheat to 107°C for one hour, no smoke, no temp probe; the second step should have indicated 2:20 hours of smoke, for cook time 2:20 hours at 107°C, and the temp probe #1 at 60°C; the final step was no smoke, cook 3 hours at 107°C, probe #1 60°C. Maybe it shut off because it didn't detect temp probe #1, but the probes will only read up to 100°C; so I wouldn't place a probe in there unless it is inserted into a piece of meat or something like sand saturated with water.

I agree, the read out would be better if there was a name. The only way to know what number equates to what recipe is to have a written log that you can refer to. Such as recipe #1 - Smoke Ribs; #2 - Hot Smoked Salmon; #3 - Jerk Chicken; etc. Those numbers should matchup with the recipes listed in the "Recipe Sequence" in the CookTool software. I'm still waiting for Bradley to fix the link on the US site.

I got my replacement yesterday, and again it came in badly damaged on the top. The electronics work, so I should be able to download a Menu file to teh P10 and see if it will complete all three steps. Today the weather is not cooperating, so I will have to wait until tomorrow.
Hi, this topic has literally dozens of threads addressing the multitude of factors that can relate to your exact concern .
Just yesterday there was an extensive thread regarding low temp issues . You should search them out and you will find everything you could possibly need to know .
Yes...I copy the Manu file the one you send to me to BMS and then uploaded to P10. It shows like a number 1 and when I pressed indicator to start the smoke process it turn temperature at 107 and cook time and 1hr. I turned it off and didnt go any further.
Is sad that I cant see what I load in cant edit the file before you load . Also when you have... if it is saved on P10... 5 receipts how you will remember what is what..For instance what is smoked ribs or hot salmon or chicken etc.. In my opinion we have to see what is on the BMS and receipts on P10 should be shown by readable name not numbers so we can easy pick the receipt I want to cook today. Thank you for your input and help. Hope the Bradley will hear us and fix this problems very soon.
I had an older bradley smoker that I got from my parents that was adjusted by a slider on the bottom of the oven unit.  I have thermapro digital thermometers I used to maintain a steady temperature.  I recently upgraded to the digital BTDS76P unit and in my first smoke had a problem with the temperature.  I would preheat the oven and set the temperature and then want to cook the meats around 225f-240F.  I had the oven temperature set to 270 degrees and the thermometer on the unit said it was at 260F, but 2 thermapro themormeters I used on different levels of the unit only got up to 224F. 

Is there something wrong with this unit or Is there something I could be doing differently?

Thanks for any feedback.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Newbie
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That is also a name for railroad ties on the side of the pond. But I couldn't picture how a railroad tie could take out your smoker until you explained the situation.
The Digital Smokers (BTDS76P & BTDS108P) / Re: First smoke problem
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Some how I missed this post. You got good advice from Manxman and Orion.
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