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That's the one, I see the prices are still fluctuating till it settles down, hopefully soon.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello Bradley Forum
« Last post by Edward176 on Today at 08:38:16 am »
Welcome to the group meathead2005abc
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello Bradley Forum
« Last post by TMB on Today at 05:19:26 am »
Welcome from Alabama.   Mine did the same thing, I wound just using an A-Maze-N smoker tube in it's place
Introduce Yourself / Hello Bradley Forum
« Last post by meathead2005abc on Today at 03:50:44 am »
Had an UDS smoker for a while until it rusted out.  After searching for a good used smoker found an Black Bradley Smoker (BTIS1) for $30.  Seems to be in good shape.  The seller stated that the pucks do not always feed correctly.  I cleaned the chute and lubed the rotating bar, and it seems better now. 
At one point it was being advertised in the UK at just over £1000, however whilst the advert is still there the price has been replaced with a comment saying “this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer or the supplier.”

All very strange, it would be nice if Bradley could provide a forum update but I suppose any problems are commercially sensitive?
Yes sir!
Someone posted online that the new Bradley is on sale in Canada at Canadian Tire in Ontario for $1039.00 cdn. ($780.00 USD but no store location was given.)

This one?  CAN$899.95

Bradley Pro Grade Smoker BS1019
Someone posted online that the new Bradley is on sale in Canada at Canadian Tire in Ontario for $1039.00 cdn. ($780.00 USD but no store location was given.)
The Black Bradley Smoker (BTIS1) / Re: PArtially burnt biscuits
« Last post by Habanero Smoker on February 18, 2020, 02:20:02 am »
There are other causes for bisquettes not fully burning. My bisquettes lay flat on the burner, and they generally fully burn, but often I will get partially burnt bisquettes. Generally fully burnt on the bottom, and anywhere from half to three quarters up. So if the above suggestions don't work, below are some other causes. When I do have a problem, it is during the same cook. Though I feel I'm not getting my money's worth, it doesn't seem to effect the smoke flavor. I'm not a fan of the A-MAZE-N-Smoker, because I feel it doesn't produce enough smoke flavor on large cuts of meat. I do use it in the Bradley during times I want to take more precautions when I don't want to use wood from nut bearing trees, by using 100% apple, peach, or maple pellets. I'm not sure if Bradley's apple and/or maple are 100% or a mixture of woods.

If you have an infrared thermometer, remove the generator from the cabinet, and in an area that is protected from wind preheat the burner for about 20 minutes. The burner should reach a temperature of at least 550°F - 560°F, though it may fluctuate higher. You don't want the burner much higher than that, or it will start imparting more bitter compounds. If it doesn't reach that temperature it may not be getting enough voltage. You may have too many appliances on that circuit that may cause a voltage drop.

Over the years it seems Bradley has been compressing the bisquettes more. Some time ago they referred to that in one of the post because consumers were complaining they were burning too fast, and shavings were falling apart. I recently purchase some pecan, and Caribbean blend; and they felt more dense then my older bisquettes. The ones that are more compressed don't burn as fully.

The amount of moisture the bisquettes contain, is another factor. Store them in an airtight container. If the humidity is particularly high, that may have an effect on how they burn.
The Black Bradley Smoker (BTIS1) / Re: PArtially burnt biscuits
« Last post by Orion on February 17, 2020, 02:40:16 pm »
Yup. Pucks are likely not resting fully and flatly on the burner as they advance. This results in incomplete combustion of the target puck and excessive pre-ignition of the one to follow.

The fix is not difficult. You can find this issue and repair detailed in this thread:

It solved my unburnt puck issue 100%. Prior to the  repair I was wasting almost as much puck as I was burning and the chute had to be constantly cleaned of burnt residue to ensure the pucks would slide along smoothly. Now I haven't cleaned my chute or burner in over 60 hours of operation  and the chute and burner are more or less free of residue.

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