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General Discussions / Re: Dry brine for samlom
« Last post by Salmonsmoker on Today at 07:11:41 pm »
I use a dry brine for my salmon smoking. Brown sugar and rock salt, nothing else. The ratio depends on the coarseness of the salt. My ratio when using rock salt the same size as the rock salt you use for making ice cream is 3 parts brown sugar to 1 part salt by weight, brined in layers, flesh down for 8 hrs. in the fridge. Rinsed only to get the solution off and placed on the smoker racks flesh side up at room temps. for a couple of hrs. to form a pellicle. Do not use the ice cream salt for food products. it is mined in it's natural form and has other naturally occurring minerals/compounds/impurities not fit for human consumption, depending on where it was mined. There is a natural/sea salt store in my local area where I purchase my sea salt that is ground about half the size of the ice cream rock salt. This changes the sugar/salt ratio. I have determined over the years, that the salt "contact points" in the ratio of sugar/salt/time determines the saltiness of your product. For my application, the smaller kernel size of the salt at a ratio of 1/2~5/8 salt to 3 of sugar @ an 8 hr. brine gives me a finished product with the proper saltiness.
The Digital Smokers (BTDS76P & BTDS108P) / Re: Temprature probe is off...
« Last post by Timca on Today at 06:26:33 pm »
I do not have the thermo pro controlling the digital unit (yet????)  I just ran the oven censer of the thermo pro into the box so it hangs near the box probe.  I will look into this project though...
General Discussions / Re: Dry brine for samlom
« Last post by Habanero Smoker on Today at 03:24:09 pm »
Hi Icerat4;

It's been a while since you last posted. The ratio between sugar and salt for a simple dry brine can vary, depending on how long you want to brine. It's been awhile since I've dry brined salmon to make lox, but when I did, I used approximately a 1 - 1 ratio (salt  to sugar by weight). But that was to make lox, not smoked salmon. I've also seen the ration as high as 4 - 1 (salt to sugar).
General Discussions / Re: Where did all the oldtimers go?
« Last post by icerat4 on Today at 01:25:21 pm »
I am here
General Discussions / Dry brine for samlom
« Last post by icerat4 on Today at 11:47:01 am »
Hi guys how are all ya been awhile since I've been here am I correct in sayin a 4 parts brown sugar to 1 part sugar for a simple dry brine for trout and salmon thanks
I know when I purchased mine, the SG would not heat up. Turns out it was a loose connection at the SG, hopefully it's an easy fix for you.
That is correct.  No char at all.   Upon restarting the smoker (as a functional check), the microswitch seems to be working fine (is new) however, puck burner is "toast".  Unit left on for 20min's and still cool to the touch.  Going to take SG apart today and check for loose wires, possible fuse lose/blown.  Unit worked last time I used it so, quite baffling.  My unit does not get heavily used so, have an expectation of it to work each and every time I use it (my bad I guess).  Also did some research on the Forum and did clean the burner as it did have caked on residue.  Now all shiny and clean.  Will report back once SG is is taken apart and inspected.
Will try to locate the swabs.  Have the scrubbies.  Appreciate the feedback.
The clorox wipes are good.
I use one on the probe and gasket on the door  after each use

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.......I actually have the same temp probe.. It's the wireless one correct? I purchased an inkbird temp controller on for $45
This now controls the cabinet separate from the smoke generator, fairly quick and easy setup (with the help I had from Habanero Smoker)
Doing something like this will indeed solve your problem. If you like I can help you get set up.

I completely forgot that is a controller, and it is the same one as yours. He wasn't clear about using a third party controller to control the cabinet temperatures.


What is the temperature differential setting on your Thermo Po? Reducing the differential to 2°F, will give you better control of your cabinet temperature.

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