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Poultry / Re: 20 lb turkey
« Last post by 10minhappyhour on Today at 03:34:42 pm »
Thank you Kummok,  I will give it a go! Apriciate your advice!
Poultry / Re: 20 lb turkey
« Last post by Kummok on Today at 03:12:05 pm »
Two experienced based recommendations:
1. Spatchcock the bird...more even smoke/cook and better smoked flavor throughout
2. Place a shallow pan (like a baking sheet with 1/2" sides) under the bird to catch drippings...the drippings will probably dry to a crust in the pan but adding a cup or so of boiling water will provide enough "juice" to make a delicious gravy...
Poultry / 20 lb turkey
« Last post by 10minhappyhour on Today at 12:26:20 pm »
 This is my FIRST experiment with smoking using my smoker with the heat source on the side of the smoker...
I am not rich and turkey was given to me to help me out with food. Ive read 20 lbs to big ? Can I smoke it for a while at low temp then crank heat up? Not brining it. I am injecting it. I have apples and apple cider. Wood is both oak and hickory both small chunks sm sticks and kindling to chips that are soaking.
PLease help me as I want to smoke this big bird. Any info I would be grateful for!
oh and trying to guess the letter to verify is nuts for us older people
Fish / Re: Salmon and Honey
« Last post by Kummok on Today at 10:19:55 am »
It would be interesting to try substituting your honey for the 4 lbs brown sugar I use in this brine recipe....If I had that honey source, I'd do it in a second!
Fish / Re: Bradley Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon
« Last post by Kummok on Today at 10:05:55 am »
Sorry for delay, RBark...traveling...
How long do you spend forming pellucite? You mention letting it take 12+ hours in winter, but what about if I'm refrigerating it?

The pellicle forming stage is critical to achieving the finish texture you desire...end it too early and you'll have soft, sticky, more easily crumbled salmon..too late and you'll have what I call 'Pocket Salmon', because you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about crumbling.
I've come to prefer around 6-8 hours with fan blowing on 'Low' setting..that gives me a product that is moist but doesn't fall apart too easily. It's my own personal preference but I no longer pellicle without a fan, so that precludes, for me, doing pellicle forming in the non-ventilating reefer..
General Discussions / Re: Chat Room
« Last post by KyNola on Today at 07:37:27 am »
I can still access it.
Curing / Re: first time try at bacon
« Last post by Habanero Smoker on Today at 02:53:19 am »
Hi darrm1

Welcome to the forum.

First you need to determine how you are going to cure the bacon. Tempoint5 is using the dry cure method, the site you are referring to uses a wet cure method. The two methods use different amounts of cure #1 (Prague Powder #1).

You can get precise, but the recipe in Tenpoint5 instructions, will work just as well with six pounds, using the same amounts. One pound is not going to make that much difference in taste or is it going to affect food safety. If you want to dry cure and be precise you can use the cure calculator that I provided a link below. For bacon set the PPM (Parts Per Million) to anywhere between 120 - 135. The USDA recommends 120ppm. The USDA dosed not recommend a minimum, but reputable sites state that you only need 40ppm to make your meat safe. Just keep in mind, the less Cure #1 you use, the less "bacon-like" flavor you will have.. Once you calculate the cure mix, you can then add your other ingredients; such as other spices, more sweeteners etc.

Dry Cure Calculator
The New Bradley Smart Smoker (BS916) / Re: Smoker temperature
« Last post by oldsmoker on October 21, 2017, 05:02:00 pm »
Remember if the wings are cold that will also effect temp. amount of wings also.
The New Bradley Smart Smoker (BS916) / Re: Smoker temperature
« Last post by GusRobin on October 21, 2017, 04:27:58 pm »
do you have the vent open? A closed vent will keep moisture in and hinder the temp rising.
The New Bradley Smart Smoker (BS916) / Smoker temperature
« Last post by Drahth56 on October 21, 2017, 01:48:54 pm »
Hi. I have a original Bradley. Second time using and I have a question. I’m doing wings, they say to get smoker to 275°. I did that but when I put racks of wings in temp dropped to 150°. It’s been a hour and still not up to 275°. Is this normal? I have it on HIGH. THANKS
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