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Hot Smoking and Barbecuing / Can you Par Smoke a brisket?
« Last post by dogger2k4 on May 06, 2019, 05:47:02 pm »
Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with par smoking a brisket, like getting it up to the stall, and then finishing it the next day?
The Digital Smokers (BTDS76P & BTDS108P) / Re: 2nd element installation questions
« Last post by Orion on May 05, 2019, 04:55:59 pm »
Typing from my phone so can’t link the thread and this will be a short reply. Go to the Digital Bradley Smoker section of this forum and find the thread entitled “2nd Element, Fan and Burner Mod”.
It should answer your questions. The addition of a second original element is really simple. People have a tendency to overthink it and make it complicated . I see no need to insulate the terminals or add duplicate ceramic blocks. Did mine years ago as the thread describes and have never had an issue.

2 elements is a huge improvement in heat performance .
Fish / Re: Oysters; Smoked; Not On the Half Shell
« Last post by Gun Smoke on May 05, 2019, 08:44:02 am »
Thank you to both who responded.  Please keep the recipes coming.
General Discussions / Re: Smoker seal malfunction
« Last post by violetevergarden7511 on May 05, 2019, 07:56:51 am »
Hello all,

I’ve had my smoker for only a year and the seal has melted and peeled off. Most of the smoking I do is around 180-200 degrees, so not even that hot. Any one have any suggestions on how to fix it? Or is this a common issue? Does warranty cover it?


if the seal is peels off you should ask for a replacement if its within the warranty period because it doesn't happens often
Fish / Re: Oysters; Smoked; Not On the Half Shell
« Last post by Orion on May 05, 2019, 07:52:34 am »
I used to smoke fresh oysters many years ago in my first smoker; Little Chief.

All I ever did was brine the fresh and rinsed oysters in the same type of brine I used for salmon. Let oysters soak in brine in the fridge for 24 hours and then put on a rack and tray in the fridge to allow them to drain for a few hours. I would always put tin foil on the bottom rack as they will continue to drip as they are smoked.

You can put a few dashes of your favourite spices on once they are arranged on the racks and ready to go in the smoker... garlic powder, chilli flakes, cayenne ect.

Alder is a good choice of wood for any seafood. Smoke them heavily and ensure you bring the internal temperature to a safe level. Seafood is prone to spoiling quickly and easily do you need to practise the utmost safe food handling procedures. Quickly out of the cold fridge and into a hot smoker always using clean equipment and work space. Once smoked put them on a rack and straight into the fridge to cool quickly.

If you make a brine, put a little aside before you put the oysters in it. Once the oysters are smoked and cooled then put them in a glass container and drizzle a little of the fresh unused brine over them. Mason jars work fine storage. Put lids on and straight into fridge. Don’t make more than will be eaten in a few days unless you plan to pressure can them. I’ve done that  and it works fine but is a big project.

I always use glass or stainless containers for brining and storing food product. Hard to get decent oysters here in Alberta so I haven’t done them in years however they always turned out beautifully. I preferred the smaller oysters for smoking.

Let us know how you make out.

Fish / Re: Oysters; Smoked; Not On the Half Shell
« Last post by Habanero Smoker on May 05, 2019, 02:18:26 am »
Hi Gun Smoke;

Welcome to the forum.

I haven't smoked oysters, but have smoked mussels in the Bradley. Go to the home page and do a search for mussels. You may find a recipe that you can adapt for oysters.
The NEW Bradley Original Smoker (BS611) / Re: 900w fuse
« Last post by Habanero Smoker on May 05, 2019, 02:05:47 am »
Just curious why would you want it that hot? High temps defeat the purpose of "low and slow" and that's what the Bradley is about.It's not built for baking temps.Some thing to ponder,there are lots of bradleys out there with larger heating elements,if they catch fire and the insurance co finds the cause to be a diy mod????
 Lecture over thanks for listening

The first originals were rated for 320°F (such as the one I have), and probably the current original can still handle those temperatures. I personally don't like taking my Bradley over 250°F, because I tend to get a burnt flavor from the drippings sizzling on the drip tray. In these times, bbq competitors are pushing the envelope on temperature. Many are cooking the briskets at 325°F (some higher); spare ribs at 275°F, and producing great tasting bbq. I've done Myron Mixon's Hot & Fast brisket on one of my charcoal burners, and it came out great.
Meat / Re: Rib Roast
« Last post by manxman on May 05, 2019, 12:56:16 am »
That looks fabulous and done to perfection. Bone in rib roasts are a family favourite as is rib eye steak.
The Digital Smokers (BTDS76P & BTDS108P) / 2nd element installation questions
« Last post by solcany on May 04, 2019, 08:38:11 pm »
Hi, I have a digital 6 rack OBS and live in frigid Edmonton.  I have the following questions for adding a 2nd of the same original element and I need help with.  Thanks in advance:
1)  What is the original gauge of wires attached to the original element, coming in from the back of the unit?
2)  Are the ceramic mounts used on the original element available for purchase?
3   Is the protective wire shield, as on original element, available for purchase?
4)  What method of insulating the termination points at the ends of the new element is used?
5)  I understand the relay for the heating element control is rated at 10 Amps, is that confirmed?
6)  The metal clamp I have seen on other images, that holds the the element firm, actually bonds the element to ground, so if the element becomes live due to an internal heating wire contacting the inside of the element tube, the breaker should trip, can someone please confirm?
7)  The insulation needed on the connector ends of the new elements, what have people used?  My thoughts are hi temp spark plug boots fitting over the ends and wiring put through the boot, any suggestions?

Thanks again, solcany
The NEW Bradley Original Smoker (BS611) / Re: 900w fuse
« Last post by dubob on May 04, 2019, 04:55:45 pm »
Good luck with your future cooks.   8)
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