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Recipe site might have been down
« on: March 08, 2010, 09:49:16 am »
If you went to the recipe site in the past 24 hours and it was down it was due to disk allocation. Last year we had to double the traffic allocation. This year we were within just 3 megs of maxing out the storage when I found out.

As it stands now we doubled the storage (HD) allocation to 600 megs. Our total HD space (after overhead) is 1.76 terabytes. I have reserved 400 megs for my business. Give or take a bit or two when combined together with the recipe site we have about .76 terabytes left. Or close to 779 megs.

Given the growth speed of this site I don't see any problems for the next 4 to 5 years.

I do plan on retiring from the business in 6 years. Until then I will cover all cost. At that point this community will have a few choices to make:

1. Continue with the current server service. (it is a dedicated server.)
2. Move the site to a shared server (not a good idea IMO --as all you need is some fool who does not keep current with his site's upgrades. He goes down and the whole server goes down. I know I've been there. If a real nasty gets into it you better have one heck of a back up plan. Part of our server's RAID is a complete backup. Plus we backup "locally" monthly.)
3. Purchase a server but then you run into bandwidth cost. Maintenance cost. Software cost. Anyone check out just what a T-1 connection cost 1.5 Mbps–at least $275.00 per month, let a lone a T-3  44.6 Mbps which is in the thousands per month.
4. Close down the recipe site.

Things to consider are not limited to storage space, bandwidth, other related cost as the speed of the server. Whose going to make up the committee?

Well we are good to go for at least 6 years.  I just thought I would bring this to everyone's attention. I would suggest that a committee be created at this point. Hab has a good working knowledge of the site now.

Hab has earned my trust and while I know he has not looked around he has access to my business files. So without a doubt until I retire the only person besides Trey and myself to have this type of access will be Hab.

It is for this reason I suggest Hab heads up the committee. At this point other than trying to keep out the trash I have removed myself from the recipe site. The next trash-person who tries or in fact gets in I will get with Hab and show him how to get rid of the bum.

I've said this before. The recipe site does not belong to me. It belongs to the members of the Bradley forums. Its concept is simple. To post proven recipes for all food smokers to enjoy.

Hab E-mail me again your mailing address. I'm going to get you a 2 - terabyte exteneral usb drive. I will put you in touch with Trey
so he can walk your through the monthly "local" backup. I sure he will also explain the RAID backup we have on the server as well.

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