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Re: Name that meat?
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Prime (of course) and Choice are the only two grades I consider...
A long time ago, the upper end of "Select" was really pretty good, but those days are long gone.
It's probably been about 25 years now since the USDA "widened" the Choice range, making it that much more difficult for consumers to have any idea what they are paying for.  The lower end of "Choice" ain't really very good these days.  However, it's usually fine for chuck roast, etc...  But I wouldn't even consider a "Select" chuck roast.

When I made that initial remark about the "Select" grade, I didn't mean to be a smart*ss, or anything of the sort---- I honestly think "Select" grade beef sux.  Just my opinion.  That doesn't mean that, if I was broke and hungry, I wouldn't get down on my knees and thank the good Lord for some select beef.  I'm just saying, in all honesty... Folks, it is so easy to make the "Choice" grade these days (just add a smidgen of grain to the grass diet), that there is no excuse for any reputable market to offer anything less than USDA Choice.

Now figure in your time, fuel, etc., to bring it to the table...  And then, the ultimate goal of all the trouble is to: EAT IT.
Y'all all know about "opinions"...  This is just my opinion--take it with a grain of salt...
I don't buy Select beef.   

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