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Hot smoked mackerel pate recipe.
« on: July 07, 2005, 11:29:23 AM »

In this instance the pate was done using oak hot smoked mackerel done in a BS. However, it could also be done using shop bought fillets.


The base for this pate is roughly 7 parts smoked mackeral to 3 parts butter by weight.(see reference)

a) Flake smoked mackerel fillets with fingers to check for and remove any remaining bones. Remove skin.

b) Put about 300grms/10.5oz flaked mackerel fillets into a food processor. Chop into fine pieces.

c) Add about 125grms/4.5oz butter a bit at a time. Switch food processor to blender mode and blend thoroughly.

d) Add the juice of one lemon.

e) Add heaped teaspoon of coarse ground black pepper. (+/- to individual taste)

f) Add rounded teaspoon Colman's English mustard powder. (+/- to individual taste)

g) Add a pinch of chilli powder.

h) Further blend thoroughly.

i) Aliquot into 3 - 4 small pots, seal and refridgerate immediately.

Eat within 5 days when stored in fridge, pate may be frozen but ideally freeze immediately after making.

Typically the pate is served on hot buttered toast, maybe with a small side salad.

Other options include using horseradish in place of the mustard powder.

Although I say so myself....... blimey it was good!!![:D][:D]

reference: Handling and Processing Mackerel,Torry Advisory Note No.66
           Torry Research Station.