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Re: Halibet
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Damn you kummok I am so jealous, but my turn is coming. I may even find my way up around you. On the fishboats we would fish the line out there and then run-in to spend the night in a bay on anchor. But we had to have all our fish processed before we could cross the line and we weren't allowed to go ashore to have a fire on the beach or even to stretch the legs. Not that you could even venture off the beach cause the growth was so thick along the shore you would need a chainsaw to get past the high tide mark. It is as beautiful up there as it is along our coast, of course when you think of it your coast is our coast but with the imaginary line dividing us. But I will get my share of halibut ,red snapper and rock cod. Oh yeah and I might try to get some salmon too. Then there are the oysters and crabs and prawns. I just wish my dad was able to join me. He bought a great old 1938 34' monk about 3 months before he had his stroke and now the thing is going to pot. It needs work but we don't have the time for it and can't seem to find anyone to buy it. It is to small to live on and needs to much work now to use. So it sits and slowly decays, damn shame. Dad loved boating and he knew this coast pretty darn good from his years on the tugs. Oops I am stealing the thread. Sorry I get carried away.
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