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Re: Stuffers
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2004, 03:18:30 PM »
NSXBill- Looks like you'll be set to pump out tons of sausage in the next short while- good for you. For now I'm calling the butcher and prepare some fresh groung pork/beef for me special order- no extra charge as I'm not getting huge quantities. The grinder might have to wait. For now. I can see that mixer coming in handy if I start churning out some decent stuff- that would save a fair amount of time. Someone suggested to me to buy those large yellow rubber gloves (fairly stiff rubber) to mix the meat- you can just pull your hands out of the gloves while they're still in the meat. That way you can add spices/warm up the hands or do something else and always have clean hands. Just a suggestion - I may try next time.

I'm just waiting for a whack of spices from Butcher & Packer and will start pushing out sausages real soon- Slim Jims, Brats, polish, summer, honey garlic and a lot of other tasty treats.

I'll keep reporting my results- good or bad.

Good luck with the surgery and speedy recovery!

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Re: Stuffers
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Coldsmoke, and other sausage-meisters

There is a good video and book by Rytas Kutas available at this source for $37.50 for the combination purchase at

I understand this guy is the guru of sausage making.  I have been reading his book at work between calls, and it seems very well written and extremely informative.


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