Author Topic: Pastrami is in the BPS now, Tri-Tip on the grill later, Ribs in the BPS tomorrow  (Read 871 times)

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Man I love the weekend!  Especially since we havent had the smoker going in a while.

Sorry had to brag.  Pics to follow.

However, question for now:  would a "Sweet Mesquite" (from Costco) rub on a tri-tip be over kill if smoked with Hickory pucks?  Or would a Montreal Rub be better?  I was originally going to grill the Tri-Tip but wit the smoker going I kinda want to smoke it instead.

Thanks and as always I appreciate your input.
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First thing I would do is taste that Sweet Mesquite rub and if it has a strong mesquite flavor I might pass on hickory smoke.  I love hickory(I'm in Kentucky! :D) but you're dealing with two very strong smoke flavors.  Not sure I would want to cross those.

The smarter folks will be along for better advice.

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I'd be tempted to save the mesquite rub on the tri-tip and just run with salt/pepper/garlic powder.

It might over power a nice piece of meat. Just a thought.

How is Dylan doing? He got lucky with all the good things you are cooking him this weekend.
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