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« on: April 12, 2004, 01:09:33 AM »
i did eight racks of teriyaki [round steak]jerky.three weeks ago did hickory,both have good mix through cabelas[cabelas brand]6.99 a box does 20# meat.i cut strips half inch wide with grain of steak,no thicker than 3/8 in.[pound thin if you have to]i do ten# at a time and it fits perfect for eight racks.follow mix directions,[mix two cups water with cure and seasoning pack]soak overnite,turning upside down every couple hours to insure good soak.i use tupperware about the size of a big shoebox,[from wally world]perfect fit for the meat.preheat smoker to 200f while laying strips of meat on racks,[i sprinkle kosher salt lightly on each rack of meat before it goes in smoker]i smoke for four hours with hickory,total cook time at 150f 10/12 hours vent 3/4 open,try and maintain 150f start to finish,rotate and turn racks after smoke is gone.the ninth and tenth hour i check and pick off the most done pieces,it mite add cooking time but...better than drying out too much.this works good for me,hope it helps others too.


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Re: jerky
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Thanks Mike,

I done jerky before but not in Bradley.... I will be doing some soon.

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