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Good Pelicle bad Pelicle
« on: November 17, 2005, 12:09:52 AM »
I am on my second batch of salmon with my new BS smoker. I was a little agressive with the heat on The first batch :( The salmon came out yummi but much closer to hot smoked salmon. I put it in some soup and pasta sauce though and everyone raved. I have about 7 bags of smoked chum and pink frozen right now. Basically all my "rough" fish is done.

 Now all Ihave left is table fish like sockeye and coho. It seems a shame to smoke perfect fillets but I have one in there right now! I wanted to include a picture of the pelicle I achieved in the fridge. I can't seem to attach it on this forum though so ifyou want to see it email me and I will send you a digital pic. Basically I cured the fish for 24 hours in a brine heavy on sugar, soy and spice, patted it off and set it on a rack in the fridge for 21 hours. The fillet was about 1.25 inches in the middle and when I checked on it prior to smoking it had the shine I read about, tacky but no residue came off the fish so I figured it was ready. I have a tongue depressor stuck between the seal to keep the door open and the temp down (element unplugged)It's at about 80-85 right now.

I am heading to the Chehalis on Friday to get a few more Coho...Steelhead should be showing up soon....