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Easy Apricot Loin Bacon
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:35:26 AM »
Hello All,
I decided to put a bit of a twist on my loin bacon this time around.  I noticed how much cheaper Apricot syrup was than Maple syrup, and thought I would try it out.  This method is so simple, even a caveman could do it!
Start with some good boneless loins.
Trim the silverskin off them.
I cut them into 3 pieces, just so they fit better in a gallon ziplock.
Rub Bradley's maple cure into them at a rate of 3 Tablespoons per 5 Lbs.
Place them in the ziplock bags, getting as much air as possible out.
Put them in the fridge, turning them every couple days.
On day three, pour 1/2 cup apricot syrup into each bag and work it around.
On day 7 take them all out, rinse them good, soak them in cold water for 1/2 hour, rinse again, and put on racks in the fridge to dry overnight.
The next day throw them in the smoker, set at 150 for an hour.
Lay the smoke on and raise the temp to 175 over the next couple hours.
I use 5 or 6 hours of smoke, usually apple.
Leave in smoker until Internal Temp is 147.
Remove, wrap in foil, and let them cool.
After they are cooled off, wrap in plastic wrap, and back in the fridge for 2 days.
After 2 days, slice, and vacuum seal.
This is basically a hybrid of a couple different recipes over at the recipe site, and my own method of smoking.
Here is the outcome!

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Re: Easy Apricot Loin Bacon
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2011, 10:50:33 AM »
I'll definitely have to give this a try. I have done 'Canadian Bacon' a few times and have tried maple syrup, dried maple flavoring, brown sugar, and it seems to vary alot. Some batches turn out pretty sweet, the way the bride likes it, and sometimes it's just really good ham.

Was your's sweet tasting or did that much smoke overwhelm it?

Looks good either way!

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Re: Easy Apricot Loin Bacon
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2011, 10:58:00 AM »
You can still taste a hint of apricot, I have a large smoke chamber, with a Bradley smoke generator in it, so the smoke is a bit less dense than most people's rigs.
My wife swears it should be marketed as candy, you gotta love a gal like that!

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Re: Easy Apricot Loin Bacon
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2011, 12:40:30 PM »
Dang Friar_Tuck...that picture is almost just looks so good...
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Re: Easy Apricot Loin Bacon
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2011, 12:58:32 PM »
Apple cider syrup works well also. You can make your own apple cider syrup by reducing apple cider (not juice) until you obtain the consistency you want. Just place it in a heavy sauce pan, bring it to a boil, reduce heat and simmer. I also skim the foam off the surfaces as it reduces.