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How long do you have to let it smoke to get the factory chemicals off for the first time use


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Seasoning Method:
• Clean Racks, Drip Tray, Drip Bowl and Rectangular Tray and place in smoker.
• Fill the Drip Bowl half full of water.
• Load the Feeder Tube with 5 Bisquettes. (note: each Bisquette burns for 20 minutes). The 2 extra Bisquettes are meant to push the final Bisquette onto the Burner. These last 2 Bisquettes will not advance onto the Burner.
• Open the damper slightly at the top of the Smoker Tower.
• Plug smoker into its own designated outlet.
• Turn on the smoke generator by pressing the Generator On/Off Switch (12).
• Pre-heat Bisquette Burner for 20 minutes.
• Press Bisquette Advance Button (6) until a bisquette is on the Bisquette Burner (F).
• Turn on the smoker by moving the temperature heat control switch (10) to medium. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes. The thermometer (9) should read 66°C (150°F). If it is higher, bring down the temperature by adjusting the temperature heat control switch to the left to lower and vice versa when the temperature reads lower than 66°C (150°F).
• Smoke the tower continuously at 66°C (150°F) for 1 hour, or until bisquettes are out.
• Your Smoker will be seasoned having reached 150º F and smoked in for 1 hour.

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Btw. You don't have to post the same
Question in multiple areas. Everyone will be able to see it no matter in what section it's in as long as its new. :) just make sure its in the rights section or one that is close to what you are asking.  I  posted in the other thread  a link to the FAQS   

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