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Hi all

Merry Christmas from downunder everyone :)

Boxing Day and I'm sitting here under a fan, 40 deg c outside and another week to go at this temp!

My mind wanders to keeping the temp low for cold smoking (not that I'd even be trying when it's this hot!). However, here in Perth WA, keeping a cold smoke under 85F is impossible for most of the year:)

I'd like opinions on what I've tried so far:

I filled a couple of 3ltr plastic juice bottles with water, squashed them a bit to stop them bursting, and put them in the freezer until solid.

So, to keep that temperature down, I put a baking tray on the top shelf and put the frozen bottles on it when I started the smoker.

They kept the temperature down around 60F until they melted. Interestingly, little smoke escaped out of the top, with most escaping out through the gap where the smoke unit joins the smoker. I guess the smoke headed north but gave up when it got too cold!

So, that's what I tried! Anyone see any problems with that plan?



Hi Phoenixworld, I'm new to the Bradley my self. In those temps its going to be tough. But what I did when I did some cheese is put a 10lb block of ice on the bottom rack. But then again, it was only 35 degrees F outside. I see you put the ice bottles on the top shelf. You might want to try the bottom shelf, remember heat raises. I'm no pro, but hope this helps. I sure someone else will have better suggestions.

Ka Honu:
I half fill a foil roasting plan with ice cubes and put it on the V-tray or bottom shelf.  Granted it's only about 85oF/30oC when I do it, but I always have ice leftover after a two hour smoke.

The reason you had smoke backing up into your generator is because those frozen bottle of water blocked the draft and caused the smoke to seek another way out.  The cold air at the top would also hinder the smoke in rising.  Also, was your vent opened all the way?  If not, there is another part of your problem.  Smoke backing up into your generator will destroy it.  Place your cooling agents lower in the tower and if possible on either or both sides of a rack or tray to leave the center of the tower unimpeded from top to bottom.

smoker pete:
I just use the Cold Smoke Adapter, vent wide open, and a tray of ice at the bottom.  Works for me ...  :)


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