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Cupcake chicken
« on: September 08, 2013, 10:42:00 AM »
For the inaugural run of my Bradley Digital Smoker I chose to do a riff on Myron Mixon's cupcake chicken. He came up with the idea using muffin pans to cook chicken thighs in. Provides symmetrical pieces which score points on presentation in the box. Here is his recipe:

Since this was for me and not for judges I didn't need to have any bone or skin. I used boneless skinless thighs. I thought that his sauce looked too sweet too. I only used 25% of the honey he called for and added some mustard sauce and some adobo sauce for heat. Since I did not have the skin I decided to make bacon cups. Viola! I used throwaway aluminium pans, lined them with thin sliced bacon, then the rubbed thighs. I smoked them with maple for 80 minutes @ 225 then flipped them and gave them 40 minutes more. I then transferred them to my high temp grill to bring them up to temp and glaze them with the blackberry mustard sauce. They may not have been as pretty as Myron's with the skin but they had an awesome taste and the bacon really helped. I'll work on this and make them again sometime!

Ready to go in the smoker:

Flipped drained and ready for glazing:

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Re: Cupcake chicken
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That looks like some good eatin!