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Brisket and Baby Backs
« on: July 05, 2004, 01:22:49 am »
I prepped two six-pound briskets by smothering them in mustard and coating them with Adkins BBQ Rub (found at WalMart). They then sat in the fridge overnight. I put the two six-pound briskets on at 200 degrees with a combo of 66% hickory and 33% apple. I had each brisket on a rack and put one above the other. I cooked the briskets for 6 hours with 4 hours of smoke without a peek. I then rotated the racks and put two slabs of baby backs on the bottom rack. I laid several strips of bacon directly on top of the ribs to help keep them moist. I added 4 more hours worth of pucks. I continued to cook for another 2 hours then moved the ribs to the top rack. I cooked for another two hours and removed the ribs. I cooked the briskets for another 3 hours until they reached an internal temp of 185 degrees (I used my new Maverick Remote Check). So… the two briskets cooked for a total of 13 hours at 200 degrees with 8 hours of smoke. The ribs cook for 4 hours with 4 hours of smoke.

The brisket and the ribs were fantastic. The brisket was perfect… simply delicious. Very tender and moist. The ribs were very good also. They were not extremely moist but they weren’t dry either. It was all very good. The bacon was a real treat shared by only us guys standing around the smoker when the ribs came off. So, we each stood there with a bottle of cold brew in one hand and a strip of hot smoked bacon in the other. It just doesn’t get much better than that.