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Author Topic: My Thanksgiving Ham  (Read 1280 times)

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My Thanksgiving Ham
« on: November 26, 2013, 06:13:26 pm »
My Holiday Smoked Ham Recipe:
                Modified by Me
Step #1. Buy a ham.

Step #2. Other items you'll need to smoke a ham include:
Smoker for indirect cooking
Aluminum Foil
Cherry or Your Favorite Fruit Wood
Honey Dijon Mustard - 1 bottle
Brown Sugar - 1 lb
Pineapple Juice

Step #3. Bring Your Smoker Up To Temp
Now that you have all of the necessary ingredients, set up the smoker for indirect cooking and bring the temp up to 225.

While the smoker is climbing up to temperature, unwrap your thawed Ham and use paper towel to remove excess moisture.

Step #4. Rub Your Ham
Next you want to coat the outside of your ham with the Honey Dijon Mustard and then lightly dust your ham with Brown Sugar. (don't go too heavy here, you will come back and add another, heavier coating of brown sugar later).

This will create almost a "paste" on your ham. (you can also use a light dusting of a "sweet" BBQ dry rub to add to your brown sugar if you like)

Step #5. Smoke Your Ham
Once your smoker has reached 225 degrees, I always add a few chunks of wood to your smoker's coals.
All that's left now is to put your ham on the smoker.
After smoking the ham for two (2) hours at 225 degrees, take it off the smoker and wrap in aluminum foil. But before you close the aluminum foil completely, you want to baste the ham with your pineapple juice. I have found it is easiest to pour the juice into a spray bottle then just hit the ham with a few squirts.

Once I have basted my ham with pineapple juice and wrapped it in aluminum foil, I place it back on the smoker and allow it to cook for 1 hour at 225 degrees.

After 1 hour, check the internal temperature of your holiday ham. You are looking for an internal temp of 145 degrees, and at this point your ham should be close.

Step #6. Glaze Your Ham
When your ham reaches 140 degrees internal, it's time to glaze.

Unwrap the top of the ham, but keep it setting in the foil. I try and make a "boat" to keep the juices from spilling. Now that the ham is exposed, sprinkle brown sugar over the entire outside again. Once your ham is covered in brown sugar, spray it really well with pineapple juice. This will cause the brown sugar to dissolve and the heat from the smoker will create a beautiful, delicious glaze that goes perfectly with the taste of your smoked ham.

Your holiday ham will stay on the smoker for 1 hour while you allow the sugar and juice to create your glaze.

Step #7. Rest Your Ham
At the 4 hour mark your ham is ready to come off the smoker. But you always want to check your internal temp just to be sure. Your ham should be at least 145 degrees internal. If it's a little higher than that, don't worry... as long as you haven't kept it on the smoker for more than 4 hours it shouldn't be overly done.

Now you will remove your ham from the smoker and loosely tent it with the foil while you allow it to rest. I recommend letting it rest for around 20 - 30 minutes... then it's ready to eat.

When cutting your ham, I suggest a really good meat carving knife... but an electric filet knife works great too. I promise you that once your family and friends try this ham that you'll never cook it any other way.

Ready for the smoker.

Out of the smoker and resting, will bag it for the trip to my daughters Wed, two pumpkin pies go also.

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Re: My Thanksgiving Ham
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2013, 09:27:29 pm »
Looks like you're going to have a good meal there.