Author Topic: First smoke with BTIS1 - attempt at Montreal Smoked Meat  (Read 1575 times)

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First smoke with BTIS1 - attempt at Montreal Smoked Meat
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:38:53 PM »
Well, I decided to post this in the cold smoking section because that's how my first smoke accidentally started out.

Being new to this, I decided to try and keep it simple and follow the recipe in the booklet that came with the smoker for smoked corned beef.  I managed to confuse the instructions in the book by thinking the Celsius  was Fahrenheit, so for the first 2 1/2 hrs of my smoke I was trying to keep it at 90F. When I realised that the smoke generator alone was keeping it apparently too warm, I rechecked the book and realised my error. I probably would've noticed this sooner, but as a Canadian I have no real respect for how hot Fahrenheit is (even though my stove is of course Fahrenheit). Anyway, I immediately cranked up the tower and smoked for another 2 1/2 hrs.  After 5 hrs of smoking, I figured my smoke cycle was plenty, but I wasn't getting my internal temp. After playing around in the Bradley for a bit (moved the brisket from the second rack to the bottom, gave it a flip), I finally finished it off in the oven at 375 (yes, Fahrenheit!) for another 45 minutes.

Of course, I realise this isn't really Montreal Smoked Meat and I didn't have any rye bread anyway, but I have to admit it still made for a delicious sandwich.

The outer brisket is almost jerked and the whole thing is just slightly tougher than the real stuff, but I am happy to proclaim my first smoke was a huge success! ... Although my pregnant wife doesn't seem to appreciate the aroma in the house as much as the dogs and I do!

Hickory smoke, no seasoning, brisket was pre-cured, garage setup.
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Re: First smoke with BTIS1 - attempt at Montreal Smoked Meat
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 06:53:14 AM »
Glad your brisket turned out good, you'll get through the learning curve pretty quickly with a Bradley, then it's trying to remember what you did last time. That's why I try to post a lot of details on anything new I'm trying so I can go back and look at what I did and what others suggested for the next time and pictures help also. Congrats on the future little Boxcar baby.