Author Topic: Cold smoking Canada Goose Breast  (Read 2311 times)

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Cold smoking Canada Goose Breast
« on: March 22, 2015, 06:40:01 AM »
Hey folks, Im new to smoking and i wanted some help on this. I thawed out some canada goose breast and put them in a brine recipe I saw on the forum for close to 18 hrs now ( still in there) . I want to cold smoke them because i want to grill them on the Q tonight. I've been '' trolling', the forum and have seen a LOT of different and sometimes conflicting information. I know that what works for one may not for another and that everyone has different tastes. My question is mostly about time. I've read 1 hr, 2 hrs..even 3 hrs. The flavor is again up to your taste. Which brings up another topic. Can someone let me know various '' strenghts'' of flavor related to the pucks being used. Going from Stronger to, #1 Hickory, #2 Maple ..
I also wanted to, while I was at it, stick some cheese in there with the goose. I have a 1# block of 2 yr old cheddar. Where do I put it on the rack ( I do not have the cheese adaptor..yet !

please and thank you. !