Author Topic: well i smoked my chicken  (Read 2002 times)

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well i smoked my chicken
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:49:48 PM »
   Hello everyone , well I got my chicken all done now, well it was a few days ago as I had to go to work here to. anyways thought I'd share some pictures with you all. And yeppers I learned a few things here too.  :)

 well I should have used cooking oil to soak the chicken pieces and then add the spices to sit in the fridge over night rather than using the moisture that came from the bird.Because after cooking the pieces the skin was tough .. just about like shoe leather type, but it did still have decent taste.

here I am again getting set up to start cooking the chicken, as you can see I do have my heat sensors set up to monitor my chicken for internal temperature

starting to look not bad .. getting hungry ,and of course thirsty too  8)

and here is my barbeque sauce, next time this will be not to thick and strong tasting (heart burn) :-[

now were done time to check this out and eat

you see when I did this , I had two pieces that I didn't add sauce too ,and they were good also.

finished product tasted pretty good actually , even though you see a slight tinge of redness, it is done by testing with the napkin test and I have to say it really tasted good.

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Re: well i smoked my chicken
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2016, 01:21:05 PM »
Pretty good results. Bird skin in the Bradley will always be like rubber. Many just throw it out but just as many will do the smoking then finish at higher temps in the house oven or on a hot grill to get the skin crisp. Now that I also have a pellet grill I do all birds on it from start to finish.
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