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''Jammed Bisquette''
« on: November 13, 2016, 08:25:01 am »
Hi !
I bought the Bradley Smart Smoker few month ago. It's a really great product and I love it but there's this little problem  since the first use. I contact tech support and got a good service. The tech walk me through to diagnostic the problem and try the most common problem fix, but didn't work. So this is why i'm asking you guys if you ever went through the same problem and / or have a good idea to fix it !

So here's the first we tought the problem was :
 We tought the problem was comming from the tray pushing the bisquette. It sometimes come out the factory with a small defect. Sometimes the tray is not perfectly square up and can squeeze on the edge. I took it apart and it's not the problem.

So I push my test a little. I ran the smoker while open to see it working. I notice every times the engine is going counter clockwise, the tray jam when it's at 4 oclock (looking at it from the back), but the tray is loose on the plate. Nothing seem to physically interfer the movement.  I ran another few then and once in a while it stop while going clockwise. i can see some friction/rubbing mark on the plate from the middle to to back. Seem's like the problem but i'm not sure how to get it fix ! What do you think ? :)

Thx a lot and sorry for the mistakes ! (English is not my main language but i'm doing my best :D )

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Re: ''Jammed Bisquette''
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2016, 01:41:12 am »
Your English is very good. The only issue is that you did not provide enough information.

It sounds like one of your rail guides is out of alignment. Unless they changed the rail guide system, the old procedure for adjusting the rail was to loosen two screws that are on the side where you see the scrape marks. The guide rails guide the push plate (tray) that pushes the bisquettes.

Remove the generator cover. You will see the push plate (tray), and two rails, one on each side of the push plate (tray). Each rail has two screws holding it into place. Loosen the two screws (do not remove them) on the side you see the scrape marks, until that guiderail can move. If there is a build up of residue you may need to clean that area, so the guide rail can move freely. After the guide rail is loose, push the wood advance button a few times this will let the push plate realign the guide rail. Carefully tighten the screws, without moving the rail. Push the wood advance button to make sure the alignment is correct.

If this does not work check to make sure the guide rails are not bent.