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Brisket questions...
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:47:14 PM »
I will be doing a "thank you" brisket for a friend and he wants burnt ends. Any ideas to get me started? The plan so far is to rub down the brisket the night before, take it out the next morning and let it come to room temperature, then in the smoker until it hits about 185. Then that's where my questions start, do I pull it, let it rest, then cut the point off and re rub it and put it back in? For how long?
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Re: Brisket questions...
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The links below to the old recipe site may help.

Brisket - Burnt Ends

Brisket Pachanga

WTS Brisket

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Re: Brisket questions...
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What he said. Pachanga is the brisket guru and WTS definitely knows his way around a pit.