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BS611 vs GFCI
« on: April 02, 2017, 06:09:07 PM »
My smoker was tripping its GFI. I have been having some trouble with the generator, so I figured it was that. I plugged the generator only into the same circuit, and no trip, though I do need a microswitch.

So I plugged the cabinet in directly. Trip. It was pretty gross in there, so I degreased and rinsed and blew compressed air, and used contact cleaner on the element ends (after unplugging, of course). Tripped when tested.

I took off the back and found the issue. About an inch and a half of wire insulation was missing on one end of the element. Bare wire.

So I shrink wrapped it and no trip. I think I will probably replace the whole lead just to be safe. I can't figure out where the insulation went. It is pretty much sealed in there.

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