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cold smoking jerky?

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Hi All

Just bought a Bradley cold smoke attachment and thought I would try some pork jerky"

I cured pork strips for 24 hours in fridge and then patted them dry.
I then put them into the cold smoke for about 6hours and, when I took them out I found they were still soft and moist?

I then disconnected the cold smoke thingy and turned the smoker to heat (200 Degrees) and left them in there for 2 hours?
After that I found they were very slowly drying....

Did not want to wait any more so I finished drying in my air oven for 1 hour///////

After that they we're done and tasted good.

My question is did I do this right?  I have some beef strips just cured and waiting to be smoked.....should I dehydrate them fist and THEN smoke them with cold smoke or what??
As you can tell I am new tho this cold smoking thing but any help would be appreciated>


Hi Namron2,
I dont have any experience with cold smoking jerky but I believe the texture of cold smoked vs hot smoked is a tender/soft jerky. I have read that this procedure is not recommended with pork and poltry, so I think you did the right thing with cooking it to bring the internal temp up.

Also I believe NePaSmoKer has experience with this so you may want to PM him and ask his advice.

thanks Johnny

No problem, keep us posted on your results. I'm curious to find out how things turn out! Especially when you cold smoke your jerky from beef, I bet it will be great .


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