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Heat Switch NG? BDS 4 Rack


Since it's the weekend and no one at Bradley to call...

I have a 4-rack BDS, about 5 years old.  The element is not heating up when the SG unit is on (both smoke and heat portions).  I have checked the following:

- replaced element anyways, although both old and new appeared to be working.
- new element heats up to red when plugged directly to 120V source;  also showing proper ohms
- display on SG reads ambient temperature, and climbed to 169F when the element was glowing for 5min when connected to 120V directly) ; 
- sensor in cabinet with about 50ohms; cord seems to be working when connected to SG, as Error signal comes on when disconnected, then goes back to normal when reconnected.
- SG thermostat display set at 280F, changes as expected when buttons pushed.
- no power coming from SG box outlet when measured at box with volt meter;  connector cord to cabinet seems to be fine (no apparent breaks).
- smoke generator works fine.

I couldn't find more info on the "heat switch" in the SG which some places refer to.  Is this a possible problem?  I have not taken the cover off the SG yet to check for shorts or breaks.

Thanks in advance.

Habanero Smoker:
Since the heating element worked properly when plugged directly into a socket, there appears to be a problem in the generator. When you open the generator, check the wiring on the outlet.


Yep, pulled it apart last night and found that one of the leads had fallen off the base of the outgoing outlet.  Reconnected it and got 120v at the outlet, where there was nada before. 

I fully expect it to work when I put it all together later today (hopefully!).

Back ribs, here we come!!

Thanks for the advice.

Habanero Smoker:


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