Author Topic: Temperature Controller (Will this work with my BDS?) **Edit to include link**  (Read 661 times)

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Hi guys, I'm going to be adding a second 500W element soon and have a question regarding this temperature controller I found on Amazon. It's max load is 1100W so I'm safe there and it can handle 10 amps. I'm wondering if by adding the second element I will be under the 10 amps (Im not electrically literate;)

I know this product is from China so not looking to get into discussion on that. There are a couple reviews on Amazon where people have said they use this with the Bradley (and other electric smokers)with great results and I'm wondering if I can use it as a poor man's Auber.

Thank you!
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If the specs of the unit are listed correctly, this will control a dual element Bradley. For that price, as for durability, and accuracy I would be a little leery about the product. It doesn't seem to use an algorithm to calibrate when to turn on/off the unit to maintain an accurate cabinet temperature.


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I wonder how many different stages it has. With my Auber I can set 6 different  sets of  temp and length of time.

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Thanks for your input. I'm looking at a couple different options right now (building my own) or this other one:

I'd love to go for the Auber but cash is tight right now and for me to buy it and get it sent to Asia I'm looking at about USD$220. In the long run it might be worth it to get a product that has been tried and and is trusted, but at the moment I can't really justify the added expense. Cheers for your info guys, much appreciated!