Author Topic: Suggestions for a good Temp Device  (Read 449 times)


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Suggestions for a good Temp Device
« on: December 13, 2017, 02:24:48 pm »
I have a Maverick ET-732 and an Acu-Rite 3168RX.  The Maverick monitors the meat IT as well as the interior temp of my smoker.  The Acu-Rite only monitors the IT of the meat.  Neither one matches my instant read meat thermometer.  Any idea on how to determine which is the most accurate?  Any suggestions on a better monitoring device with remote?  Not looking for a temp controller for my smoker.

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Re: Suggestions for a good Temp Device
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2017, 02:12:07 am »
You can test your probes for accuracy. I would also test the instant read.

Boiling Water Test
Ice Bath Test

For a remote thermometer I would have to say the ThermoWorks Smoke is one of the better ones I've purchased. It's more costly, at a price of $99.00; but right now they are discounted to $84.15 - for a short period of time. They are well built, and water resistance. The setup is straight forward, and very easy. The probes are very accurate, and the ends where the wires enter the probes are sealed. I get great range with the remote receiver. It's rated for 300 feet line of sight, I haven't tested it that far, but generally I often have the remote 80 feet away, and the signal has to travel through five walls. I just got the Wi-Fi gateway a few days ago. The gateway is not for everyone. I'm getting great reception with the basic unit, without the wi-fi.