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Garage vent setup questions
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:31:24 PM »
Hello everybody new to the Forum, and new to smoking. I just recently obtained an obs and today was my first use of it. this thing is amazing and I'm already in love. But as always I found a few issues that I need to improve upon.

It's about 40 degrees with a mild wind today and I had the smoker out on my deck. I was smoking ribs and wanted to get it to 220, but was only able to get up to 160-170 once loaded. So I started doing some Google searching and came across this forum and realize just how much elements affects the smoker. I took some wood I had laying around and built a passthrough opening for my garage window. Ran to ace Hardware got an 8 foot flex pipe and a quick connect passthrough device for the wood.  now I've pokes through a few other people's builds and I have some questions on things I need to add to this.

Will flex pipe work or should I use solid pipe?

Will this fan work to help pull the smoke out or is 100 CFM too great? I will be mounting it closer to the window than the smoker.

Should any attachment be on the outside at the end of the pipe?

What are the best ways of attaching the exhaust pipe to the top of the smoker?


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Re: Garage vent setup questions
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 02:19:18 AM »
Hi Usar17;

I've never set mine up like you are planning to. If you do a search there are several members who have posted their setup, and if they were setting it up permanently almost all used solid pipe. If you get the inline fan, I would also consider hooking it up to a rheostat, so you can better control the air flow. A cap on the end of the pipe would be needed to prevent rain from entering, and may help prevent wind from entering.