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Greek gyro marinade and pulled pork
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:08:39 PM »
We have been experimenting with a gyro marinade for a bit and I decided to try it on a boston butt.
I tripled the marinade recipe, cut the pork in half (no bone) and split the marinade into two bags along with the meat.  I marinated the pork for 2 full days. 
I did not use any rub, so the bark is the result of the marinade.  After bringing it to 190 degrees, (almost 12 hours at 240 degrees) I pulled it out and FTC for additional two hours. The meat was so juicy that your fingers got sticky just touching it.  The pucks were just special blend which I regret never using since I got the Bradley. I always heard everyone say it was not a good puck, but I figured, after owning them for 8 years or better, I might as well use them.  I actually like it but I am used to using only maple or pecan.
After pulling it at 9 pm last night and the family devouring one whole portion, we pulled the second one and refrigerated.  The meat is just as tender and juicy as the night before but the smoke flavor is more enhanced.  If you are looking for something different to try, this might be it.
The taste was really good.  Has to be the best one I have done yet, but definitely the most moist. 
If you use the marinade for gyros on beef instead of lamb or chicken, you will taste the flavor all the way through the meat if you marinade for 2 days before grilling.  We put ours on a grill or sometimes, just to save time, we sear it on our blackstone. Either way, it is so good.
Here is the link to the gyros marinade:

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