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Getting Started
« on: July 06, 2018, 01:19:16 pm »
My Brother in Law gave me my Bradley about a year ago and i did some tinkering in the first year, mainly lots of mistakes.  Now I am really getting into it and dialing in my recepies and times.  I am having one issue currently and that is my pucks are not advancing every 20 minutes. If i manually hit the button and hold it it will cycle if i just push the button it will partially cycle and nada.  So i am a button pusher every 20 min for smoke.  This weekend I am going to do St. Louis pork ribs for the first time and im looking at a 6hr smoke that i would prefer not to push the button 18 times.    I did a search function and the links for this site were broken for me - can someone help me in terms of cleaning out the heat generator and troubleshooting?

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Re: Getting Started
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 02:17:52 am »
Hi jmashc,

First welcome to the forum.

Second; six hours of smoke is a lot of smoke for St. Louis style ribs. Most of us only apply 2 - 3 hours, then just use heat and cook until they are done.

You say you had the smoker for about a year. If it has not been a year, call Bradley since it is still under warranty. It may not be mechanical, and could be the timer switch, or the micro switch. In the meantime, clean the pusher plate, and the guide rails of any debris build up. Also make sure you bisquette tube is straight, and is inserted properly. The tube should be resting on the lip just inside the generator. Check to see if that resolve the problem. If not read on.  :)

You didn't state which model you have. That will be helpful in guiding you in how to open the generator. If you have the New Original, opening the generator is easy. I believe there's one or two screws on the bottom that are removed, then you can slide the side panel up. The Old Original, you will have to remove seven screws, and the generator will open like a clam shell.

Once the generator is opened, check the wiring leading to and from the button for looseness. Only do the following steps if you are very careful, and comfortable around electricity. With the generator opened, plug it in and press and release the advance button, and observe the direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) and movement of the arm. If it travels halfway, reverses, and comes to rest; look for any obstructions the arm could have come into contact with. If any clear the path of the arm. Push and release the button again. The arm should be traveling in the opposite direction. If it cycles through this time, you may have an alignment problem. If it doesn't go in the opposite direction, and doesn't cycle through; then hold the button down, and observe what happens; such as does it go in one direction; reverses, and then completes the cycle. Again, if there are not obstructions, it could be an alignment problem.

Check to see if there is any wear on the push plate, and/or the guide rails. If you see any wear on either, that indicate there is an alignment issue. Follow the instruction included in the link below.

Guide Rail Alignment