Author Topic: Bradley cold smoker magnetic gasket replacement after small fire  (Read 985 times)

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Hi fellow Bradley enthusiasts I have a Bradley cold smoker attachment from 2015 that while cleaning out some build-up I inadvertently set fire to it and I partially melted the magnetic gasket.  Oops.  It was entirely my fault and my own stupidity.   I have cleaned it thoroughly and besides a little cosmetic abuse that a little high-heat Rustoleam paint will fix the only problem I have is the magnetic door gasket needs replaced.  There are metal strips behind the rubber I saved but they're pretty beat up.  So I hope the replacement comes with the metal mounting brackets. I contacted Yard and Pool and haven't heard back from them.  Is there a part number for this I can search for?  Any alternatives?  I've looked at after market smoker gaskets but haven't found any that are magnetic.

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Re: Bradley cold smoker magnetic gasket replacement after small fire
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Your best bet is to contact Bradley Service they might be able to help you.

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