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Author Topic: Cheese Machine!  (Read 2184 times)

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Cheese Machine!
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:11:47 AM »
Ok its not actually a cheese machine. But it does a great job. Here is how i do my cheese. Tis' the season for smoking cheese in central PA for the upcoming holidays, gifts, etc. mainly because i've run out of cheese.  :-\

Here are my personal ideal cheese guidelines
Anyhow. This is 25 pounds total consisting of yellow cheddar, pepper jack and swiss cut in 8oz. sections that will fit on a 4 rack model.

1. outside temps between 60F-70F degrees
2. let the cheese come to room temp
3. i set a pan of ice across the drip tray as well as fill the puck bowl with ice.. (more on that in a second)
4. 3 hours total of apple smoke with only the puck burner on. (at hour and 30 mark dump puck bowl and tray out and refill with ice)
5. set cheese on counter blotting off excess oils with paper towel
6. vacuum seal and leave in fridge for 3 weeks before freezing or eating

I have not stepped into any other method of doing cheese. If you have suggestions such as marinates/syrups etc that you enjoy on cheese or something else for me to try please lets hear it!

thanks for having me here.

also here is a not safe for work video if anyone gets the comedy reference from "cheese machine!"