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burner plate not hot enough
« on: September 24, 2018, 01:55:47 pm »
hello all.  have a 3 yr old portable bradley.  puck plate not getting hot enough to start the puck smoking.  flame is blue, everything else working but not enough heat.  whats up?  fish is ready to go!

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Re: burner plate not hot enough
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 02:18:34 am »
It is best to refer to the actual model name or model number. Are you referring to the propane model, or the table top model? To save you some time, I'll include the information about the propane model If it is the propane model, check to see if the flame as large as it use to be. Although your flame is blue, you may have a smaller flame that is not properly heating the burner. The burner tube may be getting clog. That part requires regular maintenance.

Here are the steps to clean the necessary parts. The original information was posted by Bradley.

1- First remove the bisquette burner tube, this will expose the jet. You will need a 15/64 inch wrench or socket to unscrew the jet. Clean the bisquette burner tube, and jet by soaking them in either denatured or isopropyl alcohol, or electrical contact cleaner; neither of these solvents will leave residue behind (WD-40 will also work, but may leave some residue).

2- Once the solvent has loosened the tar and residue in the jet and tube, before it can dry blow it out the orifice with compressed air (soaking the jet with a solvent is the best way to clean it). Canned compressed air will work, if you are using an air compressor, make sure you have a good grip on the jet and be careful you don’t blow it across the shop or across your lawn – they are not that easy to locate afterwards.

Additional Cleaning
A- While you have the cleaner and tools out, you should also perform this same maintenance for the main burner tube and jet. You will need to remove the main burner tube to get to the other jet.
     The two jets are different. The oven jet has a larger size orifice hole. So when performing routine maintenance make sure you keep them separated or mark them so they don't get switched. Better yet! Clean one at a time, and reassemble it prior to removing the other jet. Follow the same cleaning instructions.

B- Clean the surface of the heat plate with either rubbing or denatured or isopropyl alcohol or electrical contact cleaner.

C - Reassemble and you should be good to go.

If you have the table top model, please clarify. There are some members on this board who are familiar with that model.

I just remembered you did state the flame was blue so that would make it the propane model :-[  Where are you getting the covers, or did you do a modification to this model.
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