Author Topic: Smart smoker is not that smart.  (Read 630 times)

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Smart smoker is not that smart.
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:28:33 am »
I have had a 6 rack bradley smoker for quite sometime and I finally gave up on trying to fix E1 errors. I figured new smoker with updated features what could go wrong. Well less than a week into it I am already waiting on a replacement generator because this once can't go three pucks without jamming. First I ordered new bisquettes to make sure mine were not at fault. Pulled out chute put it back in to make sure it was not out of whack. Even used the old one same results 40 minutes in jammed.

The worse part is this thing is not smart enough to just shut the bisquttes from bing pushed in it shuts down the entire thing. So you have this new smoker that you need to stay within 30 feet of in the case an error happens you dont ruin what you are smoking. Poor design.

The app and software lets just say wow. Really you couldnt put a 30 battery in it so it can remenber what device it is paired to? Everytime you unplug it you have to repair, I guess you dont plan on ever updating what I would consider faulty firmware as it does not appear the app has the ability to do this.

For the price I am very disappointed. I just hope the new generator fixed the jam issue.