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Hi, it's a new smoker. No mods yet, will get used to it first but the weather over here isn't exactly a sunshine location so I can see the heat element mod probably in the future or fitting the unit in some form of box for insulation. Only time we see the sun is on tv. Feels like we only have 3 seasons, spring, autumn and winter with rain, rain and rain although last year was strangely sunny for 10weeks.yes I said 10 weeks. Looking forward to having a go with smoking everything and taking lots of info from here from your shared experience.

Hi there, I'm originally from Glasgow but now live in Ontario Canada but know exactly what you mean by miserable weather. One bonus you have is the weather, it should be a terrific asset when cold smoking. I do a ton of bacon that way, and usually have to fight the heat, but a small inexpensive mod box separating heater and main box helped solve that. Get right intae it and have fun.