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russ2far Here
« on: September 30, 2019, 02:15:29 pm »
Hi all,

Bought a BDS 6 rack off the facebook market place thing (well my wife did, I am not a big facebook guy). I have wanted a Bradley for a long time but couldn't bring myself to spend $500 bucks on a smoker. Have a Char-broiler akorn that has done the job for several years. I did 2 racks of baby backs and 1 rack of spar ribs first run, they were very good and loved not having to adjust something every 30-40 minutes. Second run with it I thought I would try a pizza since the temp setting would go up to 320. I live in Montana, the high that day was 41, my Bradley just wouldn't get over 200 on the preheat. I added a seconded element, a little different then all the other post I read, I mounted mine  to the pan the puck water bowl sits on between the door and water bowl. Did 2 racks of baby backs and a rack of ST. Lewy cut ribs Friday, temp was 51 and cooling, Bradley hit 281 with temp set at 280 in 23 minutes, Loaded with the meat set temp at 230 and it ran between 219 and 237 for 5.5 hours so I would say it is working great. Only trouble I think now is puck bowl evap's fast, understandable twice the heat around it during heating cycle now, I will be looking for a long narrow rectangle dish to replace the bowl with, hopefully that won't be to hard to find. Also the pucks that don't make it to the burner plate when smoke setting ends end up burning now so I ordered the auber puck savers to push the last pucks to the burner instead of extra wood pucks. that should fix that problem. Also just because I am a hot rodder that can't afford a real hot rod I orderd the auber fan kit. I really don't think it needs it, but what the heck right. Anyway Hello and if anyone wants pic's just ask I can figure out how to post.

Oh yea Hello All
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Re: russ2far Here
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Hello russ2far and welcome to the forum. I had a similar experience with my 6 rack digital when I bought it and also added a second element, and never looked back nor regretted it. No fan, at least not yet, and I used a large aluminum tray from Costco that contained some marinated chicken parts (Souvlaki I think) and the tray fits perfectly from side to side and just under the heat element deflector.