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Hot Smoke Test – Temperature Below 180°F
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:07:47 AM »
Hot Smoke Test – Temperature Below 180°F

The following is my write up on my hot smoke test. First let me define my definition of hot smoking. For this review hot smoking is applying smoke while the cabinet is at a temperature between 100°F – 180°F. Temperatures over 180°F to 325°F, I consider in the barbecuing range. While applying smoke, I personally like to hot smoke at 120°F, and not go beyond 140°F; then raise the temperature to around 180°F after smoke has been applied.

My first “cold smoke” test (without ice) was done during early summer when the morning temperature was 74°F, and before I knew the Bradley sensor and my third party probes readings did not match.  During that test the cabinet temperature rose to 136°F, and stabilized – the ambient temperature did not change during that 90 minute test. This current test was done while the ambient temperatures was at 35°F to 58°F at the end. The temperatures where recorded using two third party probes, and the Bradley sensor.

I started the test at 6:40AM. The first number is the time, second number is the ambient temperature, third number is the Thermoworks Signal reading, and the fourth number is the Bradley Display readout.  For this test I placed the rack on the third rail from the bottom (middle position) very close to the Bradley temperature sensor.  As for the ThermoWorks Signal temperature probes, one was placed in the back of the rack, about 2-inches from the back wall (near the Bradley sensor), the other about 2-inches from the door. I’m only giving the Signal reading from the rear probe, because the front probe was never more than 4 degrees lower at any time.  The damper was removed, and only Smoke Cycle was engaged.

6:40AM;   36°F;      36°F;      36°F;
7:40AM;   35°F;      93°F;       80°F;
8:30AM;   39°F;      116°F;      104°F;
9:38AM;   44°F;      124°F;      113°F;
10:34AM;   50°F;      131°F;      118°F;
11:30AM;   56°F;      133°F;      123°F;
12:00PM;   60°F;      138°F;      125°F;
*Test ended at 12PM; since sun was starting to shine on the cabinet.

My conclusion is that engaging only the Smoke Cycle will be good for hot smoking, sausage making, pastrami, and many circumstances bacon making; in ambient temperatures that are as high as 74°F, and maybe a little higher. In cases where you may want to hot smoke at a higher temperatures, you will need to engage the heat elements to bring the cabinet temperature up higher and closer to 180°F. So for hot smoking I will consider this a success.