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Iceman.... I got my sauce today and all I can say is.... it's even better than everyone here says it is.

Now if I can quit eating it till I make some ribs to try it on. thankfully theres four jars full!
 ;D ;D ;D ;D

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 funny...very funny Coyote. :D :D :D ;D
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LQ you're driving a hard bargin here. I would LOVE to tell the jerks around work to shove it. Every time I've looked into mass producing the sauce I hit road blocks or get the run around and different stories from everyone. I went into shock a few times when I got estimates back. Some of the bottlers wanted a minimum of 500,000 units and said the marketing and distribution had to be in place before they would talk any further. Man I thought the good ole USA was supposed to promote the little guy and give us a chance. Like the old man Indian Joe Yaazee used to say "Me know how....Me want chance". ;D ;)


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I know what you're saying Iceman, but I have a little problem with your mass production plan. If it's available everywhere, then I won't be able to brag to my friends who love it so much. And I won't be their favorite cook. "Oh I get it from a friend of mine in Alaska, and he just makes it for his friends". Just saying that when someone is bragging on my smoking gives me the big head. You know I'm kidding, I wish you all the success in the world, and I hope someday you can do something I've wanted to do for the last 29 years-tell the jerks at work to SHOVE it! :D. Oh, by the way, my sauce supply is getting low, and if it weren't for the d@mn weather around here, I'd already be out. I'll be ordering more soon!