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Re: Slicer
« Reply #75 on: December 16, 2011, 07:20:16 AM »
Thanks FLBent. Sliced 10lbs. of bacon yesterday (No partial freeze) and it went OK. Does anyone else have problems with the slicer not slicing all the way through on the bottom and leaving a thin piece on the big piece you are slicing from? Not sure I am describing what is happening well. Maybe the freezing would help the problem.

I sometimes put a cutting board on there to raise the meat to be sliced up when it is wider than the deck, like pastrami or bacon. Mine does the "blade stall" if I push it harder than it wants to go.
I have the 10 inch Weston too.  I have never used the sharpener as mine is still razor sharp.  As for not slicing all the way through, I have learned when it does that to adjust the tray that the meat sits on and to hold the meat tighter to the "wall" that it slides along to reach the blade.

Randy, next time you use your slicer, would you mind to snap a pic of the cutting board on there?  I can't get a "visual" of that in my head but can see how that could be useful for wider cuts of meat.