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« on: May 03, 2008, 12:07:33 PM »
i am really really new at smoking , ive wanted a smoker for quite some time now and finally bought a bradley smoker. I must say i am totally blown away by all the complexities of smokeing and am chomping at the bit to start learning more and more so i can make some fine smoked goods . with all that being said there are some things that i dont quite understand like what a pid is and whatg the digiq is or how they work. any information would me much appreciated .

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Re: pid?
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Hello Irish34.

I too am very new to this whole smoking thing but already know that I love it and the food that comes out of the smoker. Just from reading several of the subjects on the forum, I have learned that the PID is a electronic device that will control the tempture of your smoker. I take it you have a digital one. If you have smoked on it already, you now know that the temp fluctuates a lot. The digiQ II/Raptor combo is a device that works the same as the PID that some of the members on here have built. I took the lazy way out and just ordered mine on Thursday. It will control the temp within +/- 2 degrees of your target temp. Again, I'm very new to all of this also and am sure somebody very soon will chime in here to add to what I have said or to give you the link to the BBQ Guru where you can buy the DigiQII/Raptor set.  Good luck to you.