Author Topic: Cooking Times for Chicken and Pork....  (Read 4057 times)

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Cooking Times for Chicken and Pork....
« on: December 02, 2004, 06:46:45 PM »
I am thinking of smoking Chicken leg quarters(thighs and legs together) and some country style ribs (sliced boston butt into rib portions).

Any one have any idea how long they normally take to smoke at 200 degrees...and can they be done together.

I really like the country style ribs..they take about 2 hours at 225 in the oven...chicken leg quarters are about the I was wondering if they would be about the same length of time together...orshould they be done seperately?

Both are fairly cheap pieces of case I screw up...both are also pretty hard to ruin...expessially country style ribs..since they are loaded with pork fat.  Both can easily be fixed in the oven as well if something goes wrong.

I would hour to warm up...4 hours with smoke...and possible a 5 hour to finish at roughly 200.

Any ideas would be helpful.

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Re: Cooking Times for Chicken and Pork....
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2004, 11:20:06 PM »
You can do both at the same time. Just remember the more you load your BS, the longer it will take for your meat to get done. Since you should cook chicken and ribs to a different temperature, they probably will not be done at the same time. In addition, when you are cooking several different pieces of the same cut of meat, you should test the temperature of at least three pieces to see if they have reach you desired temperature. Also look through some of the posts. When you are cooking meat on several racks you will need to rotate though rack to ensure even cooking. The BS temperature varies from top to bottom, and front to back.

Do you have a probe (meat) thermometer?
Do you have a thermometer to monitor?

The cabinet temperature, the BS temperature gauge it not very accurate. A lot of us use the Maverick ET-73, which can monitor your cabinet and meat temperature. Also some of us have the Raptor/Guru, that automatically monitors and regulates the cabinet and meat temperature.