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Re: Make your own "Bubba Pucks"
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I'm still around, the ones I made on the CNC plasma cutter work well still. I have a couple of friends who recently bought Bradly's and I made them each a set using a different technique. This time we ordered some 2 1/4"  round aluminum stock and sliced it just oversize, then surfaced on a small lathe I have to the right thickness.  They were easier than the first ones I made and look nicer, but don't work any different. I guess I could always get creative with the mill to put some designs or holes to lighten them if needed, but hasn't been an issue. I just haven't had the time to make a bunch. I work full time and seems I always have other projects that have taken priority. Wish I could retire and  have more time. As I read through the posts I saw a lot of great alternatives mentioned that I think would all work equally well and serve the basic purpose of pushing the pucks through the smoker.  I seem to get carried away with ideas at times and in reality, the simple ways work just as good.  The aluminum ones worked, but were about $5 per set of 3 my cost and about and hour or two time.  If I ever get the time to make a bunch (for low cost) I'll post something here. One thing folks might try, is that I noticed the seller on Ebay I bought the aluminum bar from also sold smaller pieces/slices. My guess is if you asked him if he would slice them to the correct thickness he would and your final cost would be about 75 cents each if you  a small group buy of even 9-12 pieces, and a third of that cost shipping. Less if you get more. The cuts on the aluminum I received was better than I can do with my horizontal bandsaw and would work fine. The aluminum is cheap... the labor to cut and the shipping are what costs.