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Started by Tony S., April 25, 2009, 09:13:53 PM

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Tony S.

Here I go ...

I really want to try smoking some food. Am going back between many forums. Some say get the Big Green Egg. Some say get the Webber Smokey Mountain. Many say get the Bradley Smoker. Hot smoking or cold smoking... AAHHH!

Many people on this forum talk about smoking something and then finishing it off in the oven. I do not want to have to move something from a smoker to an oven. Can I go from start to finish with the Bradley? Can I do a chicken from fridge to table in the Bradley?

Can I do burgers from start to finish in the Bradley? I can with the Egg or the WSM.

Any feedback or thoughts would help me make a decision.


La Quinta

Tony...of course you can go start to finish in the Bradley...decide how much smoke you want...then the box just becomes an outdoor oven...you control the temp......cold smoke is great too...offers you an option you may not get with other brands...ya just need a cardboard box or a cold smoke box from Bradley like I had to buy because of my ambient temps. I live in a really hot place...but there are guys are here then can really tell ya more then me....

Oh yeah...Welcome to the forum!! ;D Lots of great people here...

Habanero Smoker

Hi Tony;

Welcome to the forum.

As LQ stated you can start and finish food in the Bradley, but that is most foods. For example, you don't want to start and finish steaks, hamburgers etc. that are suited for cooking at a higher temperatures, and are best prepared on the grill. Items like that are best either cold smoke, or hot smoked for a short period of time them moved to the grill.

The Bradley is basically for using low and slow cooking techniques. Your average oven temperatures are going to be in the 200°F -240°F range. You should check out the recipe site to get an idea of the range of food items that can be prepared using just the Bradley.

Recipe Site



Welcome to the forum.  Habs post is absolutely the perfect answer to your questions.  If you want to just do beef steaks, burgers, etc. then I think the Weber is your best choice.  If you want absolutely perfect brisket, pulled pork, fish, sausage, etc., etc., then the Bradley is for you.
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