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The last several times I have used the BS I immediately get an error message (beeping sound and flashing E1) as soon as I plug it in to the outlet.  I unplug and re-plug the cords and eventually it behaves itself.  When I unplug the power cord at the outlet and plug it back in it won't reset and will continue to give the error message.  Today when it gave me the error message I unplugged the power source at the generator and then plugged it back in and it worked fine. 

I did a search here and found someone else had the same problem and it was suggested the rails where the puck slides might need cleaning.  I scrape mine clean with a putty knife after each use, so I don't think that is the problem.  I push the various cords in as far as they will go each time I use the unit so I should be getting good connections.

Here is the link that tells you about the E & E1 errors.


Mr Walleye:

Usually the E1 error is associated to the sensor wire. It's the small wire that runs from the generator to the tower. Try unplugging it from both and reverse it, then plug it back in. Usually it's just a bad connection at the plug.


Thanks for the information.  -Mike

I had the same problem, turned out the plug end that goes into the smoke generator needed to be cleaned (it had gotten some smoke residual on it)


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