BDS oven temperature calibration

Started by Bammer, May 24, 2009, 04:44:50 PM

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Unlike many of the posts I have read in here my oven seems to run rather least while empty. Not sure on the accuracy of the oven temp sensor but it suggest that I am about 20 degrees F over the set temp. I will follow up with a calibrated probe to see how much out it really is. If it turns out there is that much difference is there a way to recalibrate/program the oven?


You will find the temperature varies greatly from bottom to top and back to front especially when loaded with a great deal of meat.  The on/off cycle of the heating element is not super fast reacting as I am sure the temperature sensor is not instantaneous either.  The variations are not super critical when doing most smokes.  Sausage tends to favor more control but is certainly doable if you keep an eye on it and use a digital oven temp probe.
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Do you have the original or the Digital one?